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Is online part-time writing reviews to make money reliable?

Why did the game suddenly drop the ball?

In less than ten minutes, there were already three bugs!

These bugs were indeed bugs that existed in the game. Old Liu even knew that some of the bugs would appear by chance under extremely small probabilities. However, under normal circumstances, the low probability should not affect the game experience, right?

A situation where three bugs appeared in ten minutes was too rare.

Those who did not know better would think that the game was filled with bugs!

Tang Yishu comforted him. “Actually, it’s alright. It’s inevitable that bugs would appear. Why don’t you go back and fix the bugs before signing the agreement?”

“Don’t worry. As long as we encounter less than three bugs in half an hour, we will officially sign the agreement.”

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Old Liu was speechless as well. He nodded. “Alright, I’ll come another day.”

He had thought that he would be able to put on a good show if he were to discuss a partnership with this new games platform.

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Something was completely wrong!

Old Liu stood up and bid farewell.

Old Liu did not intend to come again after leaving the office of Dawn Games.

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Fix the bug? Fix what f*ck!

This game has been tested many times. There were still some small bugs but it was not impossible to play it. Why spend so much effort to find and modify it?

What’s more, Old Liu had studied the agreement on this gaming platform carefully and found that it was not reliable at all!

Such a gaming platform would definitely not be able to develop. Even if they signed the agreement and went on this platform, there would probably not be many users. They would not be able to make much money. It was hard to say if they could even last a week.

There were many channels in the game. Was it necessary to spend so much effort to fix some minor bugs for a newly established channel?

It did not seem necessary.

He would tell the boss that this platform was not reliable and give it up directly.