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This would put Horikita at ease too and it's better this way not prolonging this troublesome matter.

The library at the start of the lunch break is surprisingly empty. Since food is prohibited inside the library, we can't use it as a place to have our meals. Right now, it appears only a few people are present so it looks like I'll be able to go through the process of returning the book smoothly.

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"I'm already here so I might as well borrow another book...".

Whether I borrow one book or two books, the trouble of returning them will be the same either way after all. Before I return the book, I suppose I'll look for a book I'm interested in reading.

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While holding 'Farewell, My Lovely' in one hand, I went over to the Mystery corner.

Since it's going to be this way, I might as well borrow one or two detective themed books.

It would best if I could borrow another one of Raymond Chandler's. Upon arriving at the Mystery corner, I spotted a lone female student. Struggling to reach out with her arms to retrieve a book that's placed higher on the bookshelf than her height. The book is located at this strange height where one moment it seems like she'd be able to reach it yet being unable to reach it the next moment.

Since it appeared as though she'd be able to reach it, she seems reluctant to use the step stool provided.

I suppose it's like this whether you're a boy or a girl.

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The book she's trying to grab hold of is 'Wuthering Heights' by Emily Bronte.

It's a novel written by the Bronte sisters and is well-known in the literary world. No, while the synopsis alone may make it seem like a mystery, the actual genre of it would have to be romance, wouldn't it? I then reached out to grab the book "Wuthering Heights", which the girl was also trying to reach. "I may have done something unnecessary but...". At that moment, I realized that I recognized the female student beside me. "You're Class C's...".

Shiina Hiyori.

She was a student who appeared together with Ryuuen before us a while ago. After quietly looking at my face, it seems she also similarly recognized me. "If I recall you're...Ayanokouji-kun, was it?" she asked. It seems she's remembered my name. Considering the strange manner of contact we've made with each other I suppose it was inevitable. "Yeah. For now here...". I handed her the book.

"Thank you very much". "Do you like it? Bronte". "Personally, I neither like nor dislike anything. But the book was in the wrong place, genre wise, so I just thought to return it to its proper position" she replied. "I see". It seems she was trying to do the same thing I was. "By the way, the book you have with "Farewell, My Lovely" right? That's a masterpiece" she told me.