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8:40 AM. The cruise ship slowly pulled up to the dock.

That is, the uninhabited island special exam was finally about to begin.

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There would be a grand total of 157 different groups participating, with sizes ranging anywhere from one to four members.

As a breakdown, there were 36 first-year exclusive four-person groups, 81 three-person groups, 32 two-person groups, and 8 solo groups. And in the end, five of them would be gone.

Tensions began to rise as my classmates gathered together, and once everyone was present, we all headed off to the ship’s gangway. Since we weren’t instructed to form an orderly line or anything, the school seemed to be tacitly allowing us to chat amongst ourselves as we awaited further instruction. That is, as long as we stayed together as a class.

The starting area for all groups was area D9. Since there wouldn’t be any randomly designated areas on the first and last day, the next area would be within two cells laterally or one cell diagonally from here for a total of 12 potential options.

However, the area two cells to the south, theoretical D11, didn’t exist, so truth be told, there were really only 11 options.

This first day could be thought of as an opportunity to familiarize ourselves with a new environment when we didn’t even know our left from right yet.

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After a brief announcement, we waited for our turn to disembark the ship, bags and backpacks in hand after receiving them not too long ago.

For my provisions, I ended up choosing a tent, two liters of water, three 500ml water bottles, 12 portable meals, a flashlight, a portable battery charger, a pot, a lighter, and a set of paper cups, for a cumulative total of 4960 points. Altogether, there was still plenty of free space left in my backpack, even after adding in all of the free essentials. So, even if I won additional provisions later on by clearing Tasks, I wouldn’t have to worry about not having the space to carry them around.

According to the announcement, we would be disembarking in the same order as yesterday’s briefing sessions, with the first-year students getting off before the rest of us.

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It seemed like the first-years would finish getting off the ship by around 9:00 AM, the time when the first designated area was to be announced.

It made sense to think that this had been arranged to give the first-years a slight advantage.

On the other hand, it put the second and third-year students at a disadvantage, albeit only once.

Furthermore, since Class A was also the first to disembark, Class D would be put at an even greater disadvantage.

The total difference would only be an initial 15 to 30 minutes or so, but factoring in our limited travel time, it would still be a fairly sizable setback.

“Good morning. Did you sleep well yesterday?”