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(But what a great sight…)

Surrounding me were more than a hundred swordsmen of the swordsmanship club.

Gripped in their hands were each of their soul dresses, and they focused on me without dropping their guard.

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In that situation, Jean-san, the head, raised a loud voice.

「Listen up! The enemy is Allen Rodore! Even if we’re bunched up, we’re not the ones who will win! Don’t even make the mistake of thinking we can win! Our only aim is the reindeer antler on his head!」


A strategy which abandoned direct confrontation, and targeted my headgear from the start.

…How troublesome.

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「I and Silty will suppress his darkness! In the meantime, you guys take the antlers at all costs!」

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「「「Yes, sir!」」」

After quickly finished conveying the strategy,

「Hmm, I hope you won’t say it’s cowardly」he said, with a fearless smile, as though he were triumphant already.

「Yes, of course.」

You can’t blame an act that is not against the rules.

「There were talks that Allen Rodore can manipulate『four』of his unparalleled darkness at once. Can I leave two to you, Silty?」


Jean-san and Silty-san whispered something amongst themselves, and

「Let’s go, Allen! Fang style – Ten Consecutive Blade!」