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“Therefore, what you have to do now is to believe in yourself.

Lu Zhiyao fell silent.

For some reason, he actually felt relieved.

When he was filming previously, he always felt that he was lacking in something and that his interpretation of the character was not good enough.

Thus, he was always lacking in confidence and his performance was not natural enough.

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Lu Zhiyao hoped that someone would be able to guide him like Zhang Zuting and Boss Pei had done before, so that he would be enlightened and be able to solve all the problems in such a ‘mechanical way’.

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However, Director Zhu Xiaoce’s call to Boss Pei had sobered him up.

Boss Pei’s words shattered his fantasy and completely eliminated his wishful thinking. Since he could no longer rely on others to guide him, he could only trust himself and try his best to be enlightened!

“Enlightenment” was very mysterious and probably would not lead to an ideal outcome but Lu Zhiyao now had the mentality of cutting off all means of retreat and felt relaxed.

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What’s there to be afraid of if even Boss Pei said that I can only rely on myself now?

Lu Zhiyao made up his mind. “Alright! Boss Pei really views problems at the very core. I’ll think about this script for a while more and film again in a few more hours!”

Lu Zhiyao found a quiet corner on the set and read the script that he had obtained from beginning to end.

The first part of the script that he got started from the moment he woke up from hibernation, to the time when he received the order from the Executive Committee to become the supreme commander of the Alliance Fleet and watched the first humiliating defeat of the humans by the Zergs.

Lu Zhiyao was quite satisfied with the performance.

That was because this stage was relatively simple for the protagonist Qin Yi.

Qin Yi’s emotions were complicated but he was still confined within the concept of a ‘soldier’. In other words, although he had some complaints about the Blue Planet Alliance Fleet Executive Committee, AEEIS, and the previous commander, he had already decided to fulfill his duty as a soldier after learning of the former commander’s sacrifice and taking over the heavy responsibility of being a commander.

This part was no problem to Lu Zhiyao based on his current acting skills. He shot a satisfactory scene after a few NGs.

The second part of the script was Qin Yi taking over and adapting to AEEIS’ command system after watching the commander of the human fleet.