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Online games can really make money

He wanted to scare Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation away by making it seem like he had sufficient funds and was not afraid of the price war?

Boss Pei was very crafty. He loved playing mind games.

He wanted to see if Tengda would be able to fork out more money after the 515-game festival as long as Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation’s money-splitting activities could continue!

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The more Zhao Xuming thought about it, the more he felt that the situation was not as pessimistic as he had initially thought. Instead, he became more optimistic!

He calmed down and went to sleep.

May 16th, Wednesday...

Binhu District.

Qiao Liang was fighting alongside a few fans in GOG.

“Kill, kill, kill! The opposing Mage doesn’t have any ults!”

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“No ult, no ult, can be killed!”

“Er... there’s no more ults now.”

“The opposing Mage doesn’t have any more powerful moves now. Can anyone still deal damage?”

A teammate’s sarcastic voice came from the team’s voice chat. “Old Qiao, which side are you on? Don’t lie about military intelligence! Just tell me if there is an ult or not!”

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Qiao Liang had been caught by accident and died first in the team battle just now. His teammates had rushed over and he shouted that the opposing mage did not have any ult. Thus, everyone had decided to fight four against five. In the end, the opposing mage had used a perfect ult move. His teammates had also swarmed over and wiped them out.

Qiao Liang was a little embarrassed as he said, “I’m sorry, everyone. I’m old and my memory is failing. I remember that the mage just released a big move. How did he recover so quickly?”

“Alright, that’s it for today. I need to rest.”

Qiao Liang exited the team, took off his earphones, and stretched.

More than a day had passed since the official start of the 515 Games Festival yesterday morning.