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How to make money on online lyrics

This three-story building has probably not been renovated for years. The brick exterior walls were exposed to the wind and rain, and flashy graffiti was seen here and there. It was obviously damaging the surrounding scenery…

(Is magic swordsman a profession that is full of barbarians…?)

Holy Knight is diligent and sincere.

Magic Swordsman is frivolous and insincere.

-This is the general public image.

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(I thought this occupational image included a lot of traditional discrimination and prejudice, but…)

Looking at this building, I feel like the image fits correctly…

When Ria and I, shrank back at this eccentric exterior,

「What’s up? …Let’s enter」

Rose put her hand on the door as if she was returning home.

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Surprisingly, she doesn’t seem to be bothered by this at all.

「E-Eh… are we really going in there? Or rather, is this really the Magic Swordsman Association?」

Ria, the『princess』of the neighboring country, demonstrated a clear rejection.

I feel exactly the same as her.

「Un, that’s right.」

With her hands still on the door, Rose nodded.

Ria and I exchanged glances, and nodded.