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Is it true that the online make money in the same city is true?

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「Flying Shadow, Instant Flash, and Yatagarasu – Fufufufu! Next year is the era of Lilim Tsuorine!」

The president and Ria started blushing, whereas Lilim-senpai eyes were gleaming.

(This is bad…)

I don’t know what they’re talking about secretly, but…

It was easy to imagine that I would get into another troublesome thing if I didn’t interrupt that conversation somehow.

(The president, Ria, and Lilim-senpai – all three of them are very simple at their root.)

For those three who are always curious and hate to lose, this “bait” will surely be the most effective.

「Umm… Would you like to know how to “control the roulette at will”?」

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The moment I threw the “groundbait”,

「「「H-How to control roulette at will!?」」」

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The three of them easily took the bait.

(Fuu, thank goodness. I managed to perfectly “hook” them.)

Thus, I succeeded in “fishing” Ria and the rest and interrupted their suspicious secret conversation.

I cleared my throat, and then dropped my gaze on the roulette placed on the desk.

「In order to control the outcome of the roulette, it is important to understand its “shape”. For example, there’s a little jaggedness in the handle, right?」