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why do i owe money on my taxes

“I’m Katsuragi from A class. This is Yahiko. Since this is the second time we’ve seen each other, at least self-introduction would be alright.”

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“I’m Ayanokouji from D class and this is Sakura.”

After a brief exchange of greetings, Katsuragi glanced at the large amount of corn and started walking.

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“This is what you’ve found. Don’t worry, I have no intention of snatching it forcibly. But if someone else finds this spot, high chances are, it will be taken away from you.”

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“There’s nothing we can do, there’s only two of us.”

Besides praying this place won’t be found, there were no other options. There was a thought of taking and hiding everything away, but the possibility of someone else finding it in the process wasn’t the lowest as well.

“Fool, one of you can stay and watch over it. Right? Katsuragi-san.”

“You’re the one who doesn’t understand, Yahiko. Don’t dismiss the danger of moving around in the forest alone. After all, actions will have its limits if both man and woman participate, not to mention if it’s only a man.”

Since Katsuragi understood this well, he acted together with Yahiko rather than alone.

“Let us help you.”

“R-really, Katsuragi-san? Working together with D class——–”

Yahiko showed obvious refusal, but the words stayed in his throat, having received Katsuragi’s sharp discernment.

“We appreciate your offer, but we were told by our class to be careful. They will get mad when they find out we turned to A class. Sorry, but let us decline.”