Can I make money on the online lottery?

Can I make money on the online lottery?

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Thank you for your support. Finally, the overall evaluation exceeded 96,000 drills.

Only 904,000 drills remaining to the target.

As soon as possible, I would like to cut it down to get closer to the heavens.

In addition, yesterday I got a spirit called a review.

I’m really glad that many people have seen it.

It Doesn’t Sound… Too Expensive

Pei Qian looked around as he walked. At the same time, he thought hard.

Many shops were being renovated in the area. This meant that if he opened the high-end restaurant here, there was a significantly higher chance of people finding it. Thus, all the locations that he chose a few days ago had become void immediately.

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Pei Qian walked and walked and subconsciously arrived near the Ming Yun Villas residential area. When he saw the faintly discernible villas halfway up the hill in front of him, he fell into deeper thought.

Ming Yun Villas’ was built at the base of a nameless hill (or a little bump) in Jingzhou City’s outskirts. Most villas were at the foot of the hill, but some were built halfway up the hill. These were referred to as ‘hilltop villas’. Based on Pei Qian’s understanding, not many of the Ming Yun Villas were sold. This was true especially for the ones built halfway up the hill.

There were two main reasons for this.

First, the villas had no investment value. They were too expensive, and few people would have been able to afford them.

Ming Yun Villas was considered the outskirts of Jingzhou City. In order to buy a place here, most people needed to have a similarly-priced property in the city. What’s more, most people were not willing to live in the outskirts.

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If they only bought a villa as a holiday home to stay in occasionally, the quality-price ratio would be too low.