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There is no male child to make money online.

If he suddenly sped up the burning of money, it would definitely attract the attention of other investors.

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The original investment was almost finished, but Meng Chang suddenly increased the burning speed. Where did the money come from?

Someone must have added a lot of investment. Otherwise, Meng Chang would not have been able to spend as much as he wanted!

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Thus, other investors who were still observing would guess who the investor was. At the same time, they would definitely make concessions and relax their requirements to provide Meng Chang with more funds.

Of course, Pei Qian knew nothing about these twists and turns.

Pei Qian’s expression was very serious because he was very worried about the popularity that Meng Chang had created by burning money.

This Meng Chang was simply a super popularity-manufacturing machine. He was really the best when it came to spending money to buy popularity.

Sometimes, popularity could be converted into money. Pei Qian had suffered quite a bit in this area.

Meng Chang was really a troublemaker. Wouldn’t it be perfect if he made a smaller splash?

He had to keep an eye on him and not let his guard down!

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Pei Qian said, “Keep an eye on the cold-faced lady. Let me know immediately if you meet any problems.”

He Desheng nodded. “Alright, Boss Pei!”

After briefly reporting the situation of the other companies, He Desheng turned around and left.

Pei Qian continued to read the weekly reports of the various departments aimlessly.

Suddenly, his hand stopped. A message caught his attention.

“The local clubs are reorganizing IOI’s teams?”