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Li Shi recalled Boss Pei’s expression, and everything made sense now!

Why did Boss Pei not go to the investor’s meeting?

On the one hand, it was for the investors to contribute; on the other hand, it was also because Boss Pei knew every well that no matter what the other investors thought, he could also carry out the publicity works of Thriller Hostel!

What was Boss Pei’s expression neither satisfied nor dissatisfied? Why was Boss Pei indifferent to the issues with publicity?

Boss Pei obviously saw the hard work on publicity by the various investors and knew that it was far from enough. It was lacking in the most important national publicity so it was incomplete.

Yet, Boss Pei had long arranged using both the ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ application and the shared phone booth to perfectly make up for this shortcoming at low cost. That could spread the news of opening the Thriller Hostel throughout the country!

Li Shi had been thinking that publicity had two difficulties.

It seemed like tourists from Jingzhou and Handong Province would not be able to sustain the popularity without advertising to the entire country. However, to broadcast to the entire country would require too high a cost and would have a low price-quality ratio.

However, Boss Pei solved this problem perfectly!

Moreover, all of these stemmed from the plan that Boss Pei started implementing a few months ago so that the shared phone booth spread throughout the country and the Top Student, Come Quick’ application had an extremely large user base!

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No wonder Boss Pei was so calm.

What was there to be nervous about if everything was within control?

Li Shi could not help but feel proud. What did I say? Boss Pei would definitely take the initiative if everyone showed their hard work to Boss Pei!

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Wasn’t he taking the initiative now?

As expected, investing in Jingzhou would always be successful if you could understand Boss Pei!