Jiangxi online earning tutorial

Jiangxi online earning tutorial

He could see that Coach Yaling was very dedicated and did not slack in her efforts. She had coached these internet-addicted teenagers well. Everyone was increasing in size. Their biceps and chest muscles were bulging. Their hunchbacks had greatly improved. What a relief!

Pei Qian placed his cell phone aside, a little proud of his achievements.

He might even be able to arrange for them to work as fitness coaches in the hosting gym after these players retired. That would solve the problem of unemployment of older esports players.

Such an advanced model was far, far ahead of the other clubs in the industry.

May 28th, Saturday...

At the flagship store of Deposit Fitness...

Guo Licheng finished his training and wiped his sweat with a towel while he did stretching exercises after his training.

Another coach came over. “Coach Guo, can I ask you something in secret?”

Guo Licheng nodded. “Old Bian, just be direct.”

Coach Bian looked around and whispered, “It seems like there are fewer new students recently?”

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Guo Licheng was a practical person. He had never thought of concealing this and replied truthfully. “Yes, our fitness meal increased in price again. It was originally rather pricey and has now become expensive.

“Of course, those customers that are shy in their wallets are even more reluctant to sign up now. Moreover, the departure of Coach Yaling had its impact...”

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Coach Bian whispered, “Then, how long do you think our gym can be opened for? The boss will be anxious if it continues to make a loss for another one or two months, right?”.