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She answered without hesitation. I grabbed my head and yelled:

“But why!?

“Huh? No no no! I should be asking what’s wrong with you!?”

“Fall in love! At a time like this, you should go and experience love! Isn’t a happy ending obviously in sight!?”

“What~~! No no no, no matter how I think about it, this is a bad ending for me!”

“... Ah! Damn it, so when someone enhanced by the traits of a main character, possess despairing low potential to be a main character, the situation becomes this retarded!”

“... Eh~~ E-Erm Uehara-san? W-Want some soya?”

When I realized it, Hoshinomori appeared to be spooked by my weird actions, and was even offering some of her soya. I turned her down as I decided I do need to cool my head, and sat back onto the bench.

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After spending some time to regulate my breathing, I spent some time thinking about it before telling Hoshinomori:

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"Hoshinomori. I want to confirm again… You don’t have the tsundere type of feeling for Amano at all…?

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“Absolutely not. If I am stuck on a deserted island with him, I would rather kill myself.”

“That so…”

She refused with serious eyes. After hearing her opinion, I reviewed my strategy.

It is easy to explain such a fated situation to them… But from the looks of things, even if I clear up the situation, that might just make them hate each other, so what is the right move...

Well, although I was an outsider, I still feel frustrated when such a ‘regrettable’ situation was placed before me. It was the same as Tendo’s incident, it really felt like I was cheering for the main character and heroine of a manga or light novel. It was really interesting.

I looked at Hoshinomori, and she seemed a little concerned about me. But the deadline for aid request was probably reaching, so she placed her eyes on her phone and fiddled with it.

Anyway, let me test her out first.

"Hoshinomori… Well… Oh right, why do you call yourself ‘MONO’?”